FAV whole 30 sturf

Hola chicas! So, if you didn’t already know, I recently started and finished the whole 30 this summer. It was honestly such an amazing experience for me. It didn’t just teach me how to diet. It taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and choose foods that would make me happy with myself. So if you are wanting to lose weight or just make a healthy change in your life whole 30 is definitely a diet I would recommend.

I’m not gonna lie- doing the whole 30 diet is hard as shit. You have to prep and cook all your meals for multiple days in advance. You can’t just bullshit it, unless you want to eat carrots for every meal. That being said, meals get boring fast. So, here are some of my favorite recipes from whole 30 that I could eat for dayzzz and not get bored of. I’m pretty sure I found all of them from Pinterest so if you’re looking for even more recipes definitely check that out!

  1. sweet potato toast



2. whole 30 chicken tenders- these are def my fav



3. BLT summer rolls- this avocado dipping sauce is to DIE for



4. Fiesta chicken salad💃




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